Washington Oval Skatepark Article From RAD Magazine Issue 78 August 1989

In a bid to document pre-internet North East skateboarding (we lost a whole load of great stuff when our old forum was deleted. Doh!) We’re going to try and upload any Magazine articles we can find to our blog here.
This post we have scanned in an article entitled ‘Somewhere To Skate? Washington’ from R.A.D. Magazine Issue 78 from August 1989. The Oval in Concord, Washington was ‘The’ North East Indoor Skatepark back in the day. It was technically a community centre with some quarterpipes and a jump ramp in the main hall that developed over time into a full blown skatepark. This article was shot around the time they built the Vert ramp (it kind of dominated the space a bit and ruined the ‘street’ area in the end but hey ho!). The main focus is on Paul ‘Rocker’ Robson who was pro at the time for Deathbox Skateboards (Deathbox in later years went on to become Flip Skateboards). OG BMX Legend Dave Young is in there on his BMX too and you can see Wingy, Gooey, Petey and Barney building the Vert ramp. The Oval was amazing! Shout out to Ken and Sheila that used to work there 😉
Check it out below…

RAD Magazine 1989 Washington Oval Skatepark – Paul Rocker Robson

Washingto Oval Skatepark Article RAD Magazine Aug 1989

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