Sam Hutchinson (Blinky)

Location: Leeds

Sponsors: Death Skateboards

Who are you, where are you from and how long have you been skateboarding for?

Sam Hutchinson (Blinky), I'm from Sunderland now currently living in Leeds, and I really have no clue how long I've been skating for! I skated for a bit without ever learning tricks, like just cruising or whatever then got into it properly in secondary school. I reckon I've nearly been skating bout 10 years which feels sick, best thing.

How did you end up riding for Native Skate Store?

I've been lurking in the shop since being a kid and it was my local for a while, I used to always say they should put me on half-jokingly and eventually it worked, haha.

If you could only skate one spot for the rest of your days which would it be and why?

It would definitely be a DIY spot, but which one is hard. Maybe Needleside, with places like that Tottenham spot and the Malmo/Copenhagen DIY scene coming to mind. Crusty shit where you can go fast and cruise and hit weird gaps and lines, and preferably not in public- perfection. As long as you're RWTB

Photo: Paul Graham


Blinky Invert