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Welcome to our Beanie department here at Native Skate Store. We stock a wide variety of beanies and hats that are ideal for skating or another winter activity, Beanies from top skateboard brands such as Girl, Polar, Thrasher, Deathwish, Diamond Supply Co, Chocolate, Lakai and many more…


What is a Beanie?


A Beanie is simply a hat that you would mainly wear in the winter to keep your head warm. The term Beanie first came about from snowboarding and skiing. Back in the day snowboarders and skiers referred to their wooly hats a beanies. This would generally refer to a wool hat with out the fold but as time has gone buy the word Beanie has simply come to mean any type of winter/wooly hat.


Different Types Of Beanie


Classic Beanie - A Classic Beanie is basically a standard wooly/winter hat with out the fold up and a more straight up and down style.


Peaked Beanie - A Peaked Beanie is simply a beanie with a small peak, a bit like a wooly cap.


Peru Beanie - A Peru Beanie is defined by its ear flaps that often have tasteless of stings attached to them to tie the flaps down when the weather gets harsh. They are called Peru Beanies or Peru Hats because this style of Beanie originated in Peru.


Fold Up Beanie - A Fold Up Beanie is just a classic wooly hat that folds up at the bottom this is also known as a Single Fold Beanie.


Pom Pom or Bobble Beanie - A Pom Pom or Bobble beanie is just like the hat you had as a kid, its a wooly hat with a Pom Pom on the top. You cat get Pom Pom Beanies either in the classic beanie style of as a Single Fold Beanie.