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Here at Native Skate Store we stock a wide variety of Skateboard Decks, we probably carry one of the biggest collections in the UK. You can browse through our selection of decks and filter by Size, Brand and Price to find the perfect one for your complete setup. We sell a great range of decks from top skateboard brands such as AlmostCreatureChocolateDeathEnjoiFlipFabricGirl and many more. You can also build your own complete setup with our Custom Skateboard Builder feature, just select your deck, trucks, wheels, bearings and bolts and then select whether you'd like us to assemble it for you.

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Skateboard Deck Construction:

Here's a little insight into different deck constructions that we carry.

7-Ply Maple - The classic skateboard deck construction, 7plys of Canadian maple bound together with glue. Some of our decks use Resin Glue which is stronger and makes the decks stiffer, these are labelled Resin-7 construction on the site.

8-Ply Maple - A stronger construction than 7-ply, 8ply is usually made up of 8 thinner plys, that when bound together create a stronger deck. Usually if these 8ply cosntruction decks are bound with resin glue they are labelled Resin-8 construction on the site.

P2 Decks - P2 or Pro-2 construction decks are the 'next level' of deck and feature an oval shaped Kevlar Fiber reinforced maple veneer that when bound together with six thinner plys creates a stronger more resilient deck that has spring loaded pop. A lighter and thinner deck than most the P2 decks are becoming more and more popular these days.

Technology Decks - Other different technology decks we carry here are Almost's Double Impact and Impact Support Constructions and Blind's Eternal Life Construction. All of these boards are made up of different kevlar/maple constructions and make a lighter stronger deck. Some of these even come with a breakage warranty, so if you break decks regularly it may be worthwhile checking these boards out.


Skateboard Deck Width:

All of our decks here are sized up on the website (we measure each board when it comes in the warehouse, our sizes may differ slightly to manufacturers websites, we like to provide a true measurement). Starting at 7.0" wide (Mini Decks: for kids and shorter skaters) they go right through to 10" wide. General sizes of decks are 7.5" - 8.5" The average deck size currently is 8.0" wide (If you're a beginner we think that anything bigger than 8.0" is possibly to big for starting out on and recommend you think about the board size before purchasing something 7.5"- 8.0" may be better)



All of our boards come with Free Jessup Griptape as standard, you can choose whether you'd like us to apply it or to do it yourself. We also offer an assortment of other griptape's such as Shake Junt, Grizzly and MOB Grip, you can choose these different grips when you purchase your deck. If you need any extra sheets then check out our griptape department.

It really is down to personal preference which skateboard deck you choose, if you need any more advice don't hesitate to call or email us.