Bones Skateboard Wheels

Bones Skateboard Wheels are one of the main skateboard wheel brands in the world today. An offshoot company from Powell Skateboards, Bones wheels have been making premium quality skateboard wheels for a very long time now. Bones Wheels offer a range of different urethanes to cater for all styles of skateboarding. They offer a price point 100's urethane, premium Street Tech Formula for the streets, premium Skate Park Formula for the skate parks, a softer Rough Rider wheel for those who want a softer cruiser style wheel and X-Formula that are a soft wheel that slide like a hard wheel making skating crustier spots easier. Check out the range of Bones Skateboard Wheels below...

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Bones Skateboard Wheels

Bones Wheels make a variety of different urethane wheels for different types of skateboarding. They make a price point Bones 100's formula for those that want a decent quality wheel at an affordable price and premium wheels like STF Street Tech Formula for skating street, SPF Skatepark Formula for skating skate parks and ramps and ATF All Terrain Formula (these are softer) for rougher terrain. Their latest urethane is called X-Formula Urethane. X-Formula urethane is a slightly softer 97A wheel that slides like a hard wheel making skating crustier spots easier and it also reduces impact on landings/

Bones make a range of shaped wheels also that are frequent across their different urethanes.

V1 - Standard Profile

V2 - Locks Profile

V3 - Slims Profile

V4 - Wide Profile

V5 - Sidecut Profile

V6 - Wide Cut Profile

 Bones Wheels are super popular here at Native. If you're after a superior performance skateboard wheel they're worth considering.