Check In – Nick Zorlac From Death Skateboards

We caught up with Nick Zorlac owner of Death Skateboards the other day. We wanted to see what’s going on over at the Death HQ. We’ve been dealing with Death since day one here at Native, one of our original brands we started out with when we first opened in 2003. Great to see they’re still thriving after starting up in 1998.

So Nick , Firstly thanks for taking time out to do this check in with us.
How’s it going over there with you?

Thanks for asking! All good here, we are filming for our next dvd ‘Into the void’

Let’s run through some questions that we wanted to ask you.

Who’s currently on the Death Skateboards team? Any new recruits/stand downs?

Too many to list! Check out our Instagram for updates, @deathskateboards
Newest addition is Ben Broyd who is smashing it!

One of our most consistent selling wheel brands here at Native is Death Urethane. That team is slightly different right? Who’s on it?

Glad to hear that, I aim to offer the best possible urethane that money can buy, but at a very fair price.
Death Urethane is:
Ronny Calow
Mark Nicolson
Rhys Grogan
Greg Nowik
Shaun Currie
Adam Moss
John Cattle
Craig Questions
Native/Death Team Rider – Blinky FS Blunt Pic-R.Shaw

Do you still have the Death House AKA ‘House of Doom’ and the ramp in the garden?

Yes, its the 3rd House of Doom and we still have the ramp! Its been a great HQ for many years.

We still regularly sell copies of the last 3 Death Skateboards DVD’s. ‘Escape from Boredom‘, ‘Better Than Life‘ and ‘Ordinary Madness‘. How’s the next Video Project coming along? Do you have a working title for it and a release date?

I like the DVD’s as they document so many good times. Our new one ‘Into the Void’ is coming together. I’d like to say November this year but we’ll see!

Anything else Death related going on soon we should know about?

New decks coming out of course, clothing too. Expect the unexpected!

Thanks for your time Nick.




Nick Zorlac – Very Last Wallride,Southbank Pic – Styley

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