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Vans x Frog Skateboards Collaboration Releases August 22nd

Vans team up with New York based Frog Skateboards for another limited collaboration capsule. Frog skateboards was started by two best friends and is less of a brand and more of a group of friends on skateboards. They don’t care about being pro skaters or having the best board brand they just want to do what they want to do when they want to do it. The 2022 Vans x Frog Skateboards release consists of two colourways of the Vans Skate Old Skool Shoe. Both shoes feature a silicone charm... Read More


Thrasher By Piet Parra – Restock!

We’ve just had a restock of the latest Thrasher Magazine clothing collection.This drop features some rad pieces by Dutch artist Piet Parra. Amsterdam based Parra has worked with Thrasher before (he also runs Tired Skateboards) and this time pokes a bit of fun with his ‘Trasher Megazine’ capsule. Check out this and the rest of our Thrasher Clothing over on the Thrasher page…

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Snot Wheel Company

We’ve just had another delivery in from Snot Wheels. Snot Wheel Co. Is born from the mind of Heroin Skateboards Mark ‘Fos’ Foster. With their own bespoke formula urethane called ‘Boogerthane’, it may sound like a bit of a joke, but Snots aim is to provide high quality skateboard wheels at a reasonable price. Fos even runs it from his house to keep the cost down and offers a wide range of sizes, shapes and hardness wheels to tackle almost every terrain (check out their 45mm Lil Boogers and their... Read More


101 Uses For A Skateboard Colouring Book

Adam McEvoy the artist behind Drawing Boards Skateboards has just released a great new version of his fantastic 101 Uses for a Skateboard Book. He’s made it bigger (now A4 Size) and turned it into a colouring book. Bound to be a winner with children and adults a like, the 101 Uses for a Skateboard Colouring Book features 60 illustrated pages to colour in. Check it out over on our site here…


Primitive Skateboards x Tupac Shakur Collaboration

Primitive Skateboards have teamed up with the Estate of Tupac Shakur (2PAC) for another of their limited collaboration projects. The Primitive x 2PAC capsule features decks and clothing with various images of Tupac on them. Tupac died in 1996 and is widely considered one of the most influential rappers of all time. Check out our range of Primitive Skateboards


Stacy Peralta Of Powell + Peralta Skateboards Interview – We Look Sideways Podcast

We’re guessing there’s a bunch of our Old School Skateboard Collector customers will be stoked on this Stacy Peralta interview over on We Look Sideways Podcast. Stacy Peralta was a member of the legendary Z-Boys and at 19 joined forces with George Powell to form Powell-Peralta Skateboards. He established their team the Bones Brigade and directed (and filmed) their iconic skateboard video’s ‘Animal Chin’, ‘Public Domain’, ‘Ban This’ etc If you skated in the late 80’s/early 90’s Stacy’s work would have been in your line of sight and stoking you... Read More


New Deal Skateboards | Useless Wooden Toys

We’ve just had the latest reissue decks in from New Deal Skateboards This season they drop some classics like the Adventures Of Justin Girard, Knigge DSV, Ed Templeton Bullman and Vallely Alien. Kepping it as close as they can to the originals the Vallely and Templeton decks come on V-Ply Construction. Check out the range of New Deal Skateboards over on the site…


Santa Cruz Skateboard x Stranger Things

Santa Cruz Skateboards team up with Netflix’s epic series Stranger Things for a limited edition collaboration capsule. There’s a collection of popsicle decks from Series 1-4 and 2 super Rad Old Skool Reissue decks with a twist. These Old Skool decks feature Lenticular graphics that take you to the Upside Down… Check out the range and the rest of the Santa Cruz collection over on the site…


Pris…..sick! Prissick Plaza, Middlesbrough. Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine Article Issue 112 Jan 2006

In a bid to document pre-internet North East skateboarding (we lost a whole load of great stuff when our old forum was deleted. Doh!) We’re going to try and upload any Magazine articles we can find to our blog here.This post we have scanned in an article entitled ‘Pris…..sick!’ from Issue 112 of Sidewalk Magazine from January 2006. Shot in late 2005 at the then brand new Prissick Plaza skatepark in Middlesbrough, Teeside. It features a bunch of heads like teeside OG Kev Dawson, Blueprint’s Paul Shier, Neil Smith, Mark... Read More


‘The Weekenders’ Newcastle Skateboard Article – Sidewalk Magazine Issue 202 July 2013

In a bid to document pre-internet North East skateboarding (we lost a whole load of great stuff when our old forum was deleted. Doh!) We’re going to try and upload any Magazine articles we can find to our blog here. This post we have scanned in an article entitled ‘The Weekenders’ from Issue 202 of Sidewalk Magazine from July 2013. From memory Chris Johnson came up to the Toon for a weekend and hit it hard with a bunch of local heads. Amongst the pics are Jamie Cairns, Dan Main,... Read More