Skate Movies


Monday Movies – Hockey II

Happy New Year! We’ve got a delivery due in today from Hockey (Eyes Without A face) so we thought that we’d revisit one of our favourites ‘Hockey 2’ for this week’s Monday Movies. Andrew Allen, Ben Kadow, Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald have it here in this rad 7 minute long edit.


Monday Movies – Red Bull Under Wraps

We’re in full Xmas mode here at Native. If we’re not answering email enquiries we’re in the warehouse lending a hand pack. Anyway for this week’s Monday movies I asked the warehouse guys for a suggestion. They came back immediately with a classic from around 2005/6 entitled ‘Under Wraps’ By Redbull. It was one of Red Bulls first outputs in the UK skate scene and was a Free (unheard of at the time really) hard copy DVD. It features some very young members of the Blueprint team, and was filmed... Read More


Monday Movies – Beauty And The Beast – Beast Edit

I came into the office yesterday to plough some of the new products that arrived late on in the week and get them on to the site. Amongst them were some Girl and some Anti Hero decks. So for this week’s Monday Movies I thought we’d time hop back to that time in 2008 when Girl and Anti Hero went on tour together. The Beauty And The Best tour looked like such a rad tour! Check the Beast edit below…


Monday Movies – Almost’s Cheese And Crackers

This week we thought we’d blast back in time to 2006 for Monday Movies. One of our all time favourite videos in the shop, Almost’s Cheese & Crackers was a Mini Ramp video that featured the insane technical skills of Daewon Song and Chris Haslam. It was like nothing else at the time and having a watch this morning, we’re still blown away by it. Make yourself a brew, sit back and enjoy Almost’s Cheese & Crackers.


Monday Movies – Beez 2 Swarm

We thought we’d throw up something fun for you to watch this dark gloomy Monday Morning. An old shop favourite here, ‘Beez 2 Swarm’ first came to our attention when an envelope arrived at the shop from Heroin’s Fos. It had a note in it and a burnt DVD disc, the note said something like “Hey, my friend lives in Milwaukee he and and his friends made this really cool video. I thought you’d like to see it” Anyway here we are probably a decade or so later and it’s... Read More


Monday Movies – Tommy Fynn ‘Push’

This week for Monday movies we thought we’d highlight Tommy Fynn’s Push video’s over at The Berrics. Check below to see the 3 episodes that have been seeded out online over the last year and then his final part that came out this weekend that is an absolute banger! Tommy’s seems like such a good guy, keep an eye out for more from him in the future. Go follow him on instagram


Monday Movies – Alien Workshop’s Mind Field + Lakai’s Fully Flared

The weekend’s over before you know it, isn’t it? Don’t worry we’ve got a rad double bill of skateboarding for this weeks Monday Movies to brighten up your day. First up we have Alien Workshop’s Mind Field Video from 2009. Alien ran into some difficulty shortly after this video came out causing the whole team to abandon ship and the whole of skateboarding declare the brand dead on instagram before the brand could say anything. Anyway they are now firmly back in the game, check out the latest decks from... Read More


Monday Movies – Santa Cruz Double Bill

For this weeks Monday Movies we’ve got a rad Santa Cruz Skateboards double bill. First up is Santa Cruz’s 2017 Euro Tour Video ‘In The Van’! The film covers their 2 week summer trip and features a heavy crew killing parks all over Europe! Look out for Winkowski being surprised with his debut Pro models and see him kill the transition in Holland. Our second video is a jump back in time to 1990. Santa Cruz Speed Wheels ‘Risk it. Gambling With Gravity’ video is a classic! If you haven’t... Read More


Monday Movies – Keeping It Huf!

We had a massive Huf Footwear delivery in the warehouse at the weekend. I spent most of yesterday sorting them out, there’s some rad new colours in some of their classic styles. Check them out if you get a chance here. Anyway for this weeks Monday Movies I thought we’d have a Huf shoe related triple bill. First up we have the boss man himself Keith Hufnagel in his part from the DVS Skate More video. Huf’s got mad pop! Check it out below… To follow we have Brad Cromer’s... Read More


Monday Movies – Zero Skateboards Double Bill!

It’s Monday Morning again, but don’t worry Monday Movies is here to brighten up your day. This week we’re expecting a delivery in from Zero Skateboards. Zero have been a staple here at Native since we opened in 2003, one of our all time best selling brands! So this week we thought we’d bring you a Zero video double bill to get you amped before the delivery. First up we have 2002’s classic Dying to Live, if you haven’t seen it already you need to, if you have seen it... Read More