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“A WIDER VIEW” – The Ray Barbee Legacy

“A Wider View” explores the legacy of Ray Barbee and his fascination with analog photography. This short film examines Ray’s passions and influencers through archival footage, an experimental printing process, and a series of interviews key to Ray’s journey including appearances by iconic creatives Sean Cliver, Brian Gaberman, Thomas Campbell and Joe Brook. This coincides with the release of the Ray Barbee Shutter Pool Deck from Element Skateboards. The Shutter Pool graphic gives a new twist to the classic Ragdoll graphic that was on Ray’s original pro deck from Powell... Read More


Joey Brezinski Interview

With the release of the new Cliché X Native Core Store Collaboration Decks  ( Cliché X Native Core Store Collab Deck 8.0”, Cliché X Native Core Store Collab Deck 8.25” ) we popped a few questions over to Joey Brezinski to find out a bit more about his skating, his love for Burritos and kickflipping the Lyon 25…   NS: There probably aren’t many kids in skateboarding these days that don’t know who you are but for those who don’t, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself, how long you’ve been... Read More


Blasting Off!! Interview with Blast Skates owner Matthew Bromley.

We spoke to the owner of UK skateboard company Blast Skates to talk all things inspiration for the company, graphics and all things Blast….   NSS: Firstly what’s your Name? BS: Matthew Bromley NSS: What made you want to start a skateboard company? BS: I’d finished my university degree, no money, on job seekers moved to Brixton pretty much for the skatepark and worked towards a freelance illustration career. Of course being a skateboarder foremost the dream job is to make some board artwork for skateboard companies. I tried sending stuff to some... Read More


Check In – Nick Zorlac From Death Skateboards

We caught up with Nick Zorlac owner of Death Skateboards the other day. We wanted to see what’s going on over at the Death HQ. We’ve been dealing with Death since day one here at Native, one of our original brands we started out with when we first opened in 2003. Great to see they’re still thriving after starting up in 1998. So Nick , Firstly thanks for taking time out to do this check in with us. How’s it going over there with you? Thanks for asking! All good... Read More


Lucien Clarke Interview with HighSnobiety TV

HighSnobiety sat down with London based skater Lucien Clarke to talk about his Jamaican upbringing, life in London and trips to New York. He talks about some of his favourite skate spots and gives us a glimpse of his favourite skate shoes. At 24 years old Lucien is sponsored by Supra as part of their Premier Team, Kr3w Apparel as part of their european team and the UK’s own Palace Skateboards.


Epicly Later’d Eric Dressen – PART 1

Check out the the Eric Dressen Part 1 episode of Vice Magazines Epicly Later’d Eric Dressen has been a Pro Skater for over 5 decades. He turned pro in 1978 when he was only 13 years old. Dressen has had a varied skateboarding career, starting in the bowls of california and going on to be a street skating pioneer of street skating. He was an eye witness to the rise and fall of skateboarding three times and now tattoo’s full time in Hollywood. So sit back and check it out.... Read More


French From Witchcraft Skateboards – Interview

We caught up with Richard ‘French’ Sayer, Owner of Witchcraft Hardware recently to conduct a little interview and basically say what’s up? to the good man. Oh by the way, That’s him over there on the right crowd surfing! 1, What’s your name, age and where do you live? My names Richard Sayer, but since I was 12 people have called me “French”. I think it has something to do with an Etnies t-shirt I bought in France. I’m 32 and live in Walthamstow, but I’m originally from Aldershot in... Read More


Native Blog Exclusive – Guy Mariano Interview

The first of a series of exclusive web interviews we’ve conducted for the Native Blog features Girl Skateboards, Fourstar Clothing and Lakai Shoes pro skater Guy Mariano. Check out what Guy has to say below…   1) You have been Lakai for a while now, and since then the team has introduced a few new riders to the roster, does this have much impact on the team dynamic? How do new folk get introduced to the rest of the team? All of the new riders have really solid heads on... Read More