Santa Cruz Spring 2017 Reissue Skateboard Decks

We’ve just put the Spring 17 Reissue decks from Santa Cruz on the site for Pre Order. This season Santa Cruz have came through with 3 great old school reissue decks from the 80’s all in a candy metallic paint finish. First up we have the Jason Jessee Neptune 2 in Candy Metallic Emerald Green. The Jessee Neptune 2 is one of the stand out decks from the late 80’s, it measures in at 10.2″ x 31.1″. Second up we have the Rob Roskopp Face in Candy Metallic Cyan. The... Read More


Naptime by Davis Torgerson – Limited Edition Skateboard Decks

Last summer Real Skateboard team member Davis Torgerson was taken out with an injury. Instead of just lying about watching boxsets Davis grabbed his VX and started filming his fellow Real team mates. The result is this nine minute long video entitled Naptime. To coincide with Naptime Real have released these two limited edition decks. Real Robbie Brockel Naptime Skateboard Deck 8.25” Real Davis Torgerson Naptime Skateboard Deck 8.06”    


Penny Skateboards 36” Longboard

Penny Skateboards have just released their first Longboard. This latest edition to the Penny family is a 36” Pintail shaped deck that is just as much at home cruising the beach as it is bombing down hills. Made from a new formula plastic that adds extra strength to the deck they feature Penny’s classic waffle patterned top for grip as well as additional granulated texture for extra control. The half inch camber through the length of the deck works in combination with the boards natural flex, inbuilt riser pads and... Read More


Fabric Skateboards Spring 15 Skateboard Decks

The new decks from Fabric Skateboards have just landed. This new run of boards for spring 15 see the return of the traditional Canvas and Device Logo graphics and well as a new graphic for the Mark Baines pro model decks. But the standout pieces in this latest drop are the Travel Series Decks which have been designed by London based illustrator Jamie Jones. The series feature four separate graphics of cities including Cairo, Rome, Moscow and Rio. Keep a look out for the Fabric Skateboards 2015 team promo video... Read More

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Native Skate Store Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas only a matter of weeks away we’ve decided to put together a list things that will make any skateboarding loved one stoked on Christmas morning and to help make your gift shopping that little bit easier. Check out what we’ve picked out below!                   Skateboard DVD’s are always a good option and Enjoi’s Oververt is one of the latest ones to hit the shelves. It is available as a standard DVD or there is a collectors edition that is packaged... Read More


Native Skate Store Howling Skateboard Deck

We’ve just released a couple of new Native Skate Store 8.25″ Deck to our range of skateboards. The Native Howling Deck has ben designed by Michiel Walrave who is the artist behind our popular t-shirt and hoodie graphic ‘The Hand’. Made in Birmingham by our friends at A Third Foot we feel that it is one of our favourite graphics yet. The Howling Deck is available now priced at £32, check it out HERE


Palace Skateboards Autumn/Winter 2014

The Autumn/Winter 14 drop of Palace Skateboard Decks and Wheels are now in and available both online and in-store. There are pro decks from Chewy Cannon, Lucien Clarke, Benny Fairfax, Danny Brady and Olly Todd as well as whole bunch of team graphics.


Star Wars X Santa Cruz Skateboards – Drop Three

The 3rd drop of the Star Wars X Santa Cruz collectors decks has arrived. They are available now both online and instore. I this run there are 3 collectors blister packs featuring the Emperor, Yoda and Obi Wan kenobi. Also in this drop there are two old school shaped decks featuring the Rancor and the Cantina scene Check them out below!

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Sweet Skateboards (SWEET SKTBS)

Hailing from the Swedish town of Trollhättan, Sweet Skateboards was started in 1999 as a small hobby project with the idea of making a few boards and having some fun using them. Then a few years down the line they end up with a proper team, making videos, going on tours and all of the other things that proper skateboard companies do. Sweet SKTBS is a new brand here at Native and you can check out their product here The Sweet team is made up of: Anton Myhrvold, Jonas Skrøder,... Read More