Monday Movies – In Search Of The Miraculous

I was walking through the warehouse on Friday and I heard a tune I hadn’t heard for a while. After a few seconds I said to Adam “In Search Of The Miraculous?” and he said “Yep!” In Search Of The Miraculous is a skateboard video by Pontus Alv that was filmed between 2005-2010 and was released prior to Polar Skateboards. So anyway, later on Friday we had a deck delivery from Polar so I thought that for this weeks Monday Movies we’d highlight Pontus Alv’s fantastic video output prior to Polar starting. In Search Of The Miraculous is a quality video with an awesome line up of skaters and a super rad soundtrack. Get a tab set in your browser for lunchtime and enjoy this hour long classic skate video. High Five Pontus Alv!

In Search of the Miraculous from Polar Skate Co. on Vimeo.

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