Monday Movies – Alien Workshop’s Mind Field + Lakai’s Fully Flared

The weekend’s over before you know it, isn’t it? Don’t worry we’ve got a rad double bill of skateboarding for this weeks Monday Movies to brighten up your day.

First up we have Alien Workshop’s Mind Field Video from 2009.
Alien ran into some difficulty shortly after this video came out causing the whole team to abandon ship and the whole of skateboarding declare the brand dead on instagram before the brand could say anything. Anyway they are now firmly back in the game, check out the latest decks from Alien Workshop.

Second up is Lakai’s amazing 2008 video Fully Flared! One of our favourites here in the office, Fully Flared has such a rad line up and sick sound track. Oh! Check out the latest shoes in from Lakai if you get a chance.

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