‘The Weekenders’ Newcastle Skateboard Article – Sidewalk Magazine Issue 202 July 2013

In a bid to document pre-internet North East skateboarding (we lost a whole load of great stuff when our old forum was deleted. Doh!) We’re going to try and upload any Magazine articles we can find to our blog here.
This post we have scanned in an article entitled ‘The Weekenders’ from Issue 202 of Sidewalk Magazine from July 2013.

From memory Chris Johnson came up to the Toon for a weekend and hit it hard with a bunch of local heads. Amongst the pics are Jamie Cairns, Dan Main, Gordon Skrezka, Kurt Mitchell, Jimmy Boyes, Johnny Haynes, Connor North, Dean Kiernan, Will Creswick, Bish, Josh Cobbin, Glen Sutherland, Scott Cherry, Steven McBriarty, Sean Tracy, Adam Todhunter, The Cougar and Mani Haddon.

Words by Bish.
Click on the pics below to see them in full size…

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