Native Skate Store on Svpply

We just want to let you guys know about a new social shopping feature we have added in to the Native Skate Store website. You may have already have seen it if you have been browsing the site over the last couple of days.

Svpply is the latest social shopping website similar to the likes of Pintrest. What Svpply does is it lets you keep track and share products you like from shops that have Svpply enabled on their website. You can login via your Facebook and Twitter accounts or if you like you can create a specific Svpply account. Once you have created you account you can follow friends or others that have similar tastes to yourself. With Svpply it is easy to create a “Want” list or a “Own” list to show your desired products and what you have in your collection.

To get started all you need to do is go to one of our product pages and you will see the grey and red Svpply button under our list of product features. Just hit that button and follow Svpply’s instructions on how to get the most from their social shopping experience.

To check out what people are already checking out visit the Native Skate Store Svpply page.

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