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Monday Movies: Camp WESC UK 2012 Truro, Cornwall

This week we’d like you to check out some skating from some young UK rippers!. A couple of locals headed down to cornwall to CAMP WESC. CAMP WESC is a 5 day long skate camp for skaters aged 13 and above, the WESC camp gives young skaters the chance to skate with some of Europe’s top skaters as well as hang out with like minded people and massively improve their skating. Check out this edit featuring Native Team riders Paul Regan as well skaters Mark Bains, Manny Lopez, Nicky Howells... Read More


Brand Profile: Welcome Skateboards

Welcome Skateboards In a world of skateboarding that seems to be controlled by mass media trends it is cool to see that there are some companies out their that are hellbent on doing their own thing and bucking the trendy fads that come and go quicker than the british sunshine. Welcome Skateboards are one of those companies that are tearing up the skateboarding rule book that is governed by magazines, websites and internet trolls. They don’t care what has been done, who has already done it and what skate spots... Read More

Flip Skateboards: Oscar Meza "Let It Ride" - Monday Movies 08/10/2012

Flip Skateboards: Oscar Meza “Let It Ride” – Monday Movies

Flip Skateboards: Oscar Meza “Let It Ride” – Monday Movies Let It Ride is the latest edit from Flip Skateboards team member Oscar Meza who up until now has not released any parts due to an ankle injury. So sit back and check this out……….. Oscar Meza “Let It Ride” from FLIP SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.

Toy Machine: Fist Of Fury - Monday Movies 01/10/2012

Toy Machine: Fist Of Fury – Monday Movies

Fists Of Fury is the latest video offering from toy machine that captures all of the fun of being on tour and how stoked people get when they discover new spots. But more than that you will witness some truly sick skating in this clip mixed with a bit of recreation time. So sit back and check it out……..              


David Gonzalez: Possessed To Skate – Monday Movies From Native Skate Store

David Gonzalez: Possessed To Skate Monday Movies is a NEW feature from us here at Native Skate! Monday is possibly the worst day of the week, it is the day when you have to get your self back to work, uni, college or school and put the fun and excitement of the weekends shenanigans behind you and they just become a distant and sometimes blurry memory. So we’ve thought that we will brighten up your Mondays with some awesome little skate clips. This week you need to check out Possessed... Read More


Almost 5-Incher Skateboard DVD Premiere

Almost Skateboards latest Video entitled ‘5-Incher’ is due out very soon. Almost have very kindly sent us an early copy of the video to show in store on Saturday June 2nd. We’ll be playing the video all day on that Saturday in our Newcastle store, come along and check it out if you can it look’s like it’s going (see below for a trailer) to be a tech banger! Check out our range of Almost Skateboards…


First Ever 1080 Landed!

12 year old Tom Schaar from Malibu, california landed the first ever 1080 earlier this week at the Woodward Mega Ramp. There was a special section made to the ramp to allow Tom to ride backwards over the launch ramp. This enabled him to be able to get the speed up so he could rotate the full 3 turns. Well done Tom! Skateboarding continues to progress and progress. What next?